Hepatocyte Media

hepatocyte-mediaBioreclamationIVT offers various InVitroGRO™ media products for use with the hepatocyte products. Each InVitroGRO™ medium is formulated for a specific purpose and should be used appropriately. It is recommended that the instructions for hepatocytes be reviewed prior to use. 

Features and Benefits
  • Optimized for thawing, plating, and culturing hepatocytes
  • Conveniently packaged for a six-month shelf life
  • Longer shelf life allows you to order in bulk, which saves on shipping costs
  • Inventory is immediately available for fast delivery

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 Cryosuspension/ LiverPool Cryoplateable HepatocytesFresh Suspension HepatocytesFresh Suspension HepatocytesRat/Mouse Cryoplateable Hepatocytes
InVitroGRO™ HT Medium    
InVitroGRO™ CP Medium    
InVitroGRO™ HI Medium  
Torpedo™ Antibiotic Mix   
InVitro™GRO KHB   
InVitroGRO™ CP Rodent Medium    
Torpedo™ Rodent Antibiotic Mix    

All InVitroGRO™ hepatocyte medium must be stored at 4°C to maintain the 6 month shelf-life. Torpedo™ Antibiotic Mix must be stored at -20°C prior to adding to medium.  Once the antibiotic has been added to the medium the shelf-life drops to 1 week.