BioreclamationIVT prides itself in being able to customize a customer's request. Every customer has a specific requirement for their samples and below is just a sampling of the customization offered.

  • Patient inclusion/exclusion criteria
    • BioreclamationIVT can prospectively collect patient samples that meet your study requirements.  Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria can be specified such as age, gender, disease stage, treatments, etc.
  • Longitudinal studies
    • BioreclamationIVT can collect samples from the same donor at multiple time points.
  • Matched Sets
    • BioreclamationIVT can collect multiple matrices from a single donor.
  • Processing / Labeling
    • Customized processing at time of collection.
    • Aliquot into any volume.
    • Barcoded labels can be customized and include client provided id numbers.
  • Anticoagulants / Vacutainers
    • Both blood and plasma samples can be collected with the anticoagulant of your choice and the use of specific vacutainers can be requested.