Custom Cell

Custom-Cell™ Products - Hepatocytes, Microsomes & S9

If your ADME-Tox research would benefit from specific tissue or organ material, a particular species, specific characterization or activity targets, or a unique product format, we can help.

Our Volume Saves You Money

We process donor tissue daily, so there's a good chance we can combine your custom order with others, or with scheduled isolations, and pass the savings on to you. Our expertise allows us to maximize production from all tissue. As a result, extra vials from previous custom orders may be available for purchase from our custom products inventory. Or, request a quote today.

Below is a sampling of Custom-Cell products BioreclamationIVT has produced over the years. If you don’t see what you need, just complete our online form to request a quote.

Examples of custom formats include:

  • Adherent or suspension animal hepatocyte cultures on customer-specified dates
  • Cryopreserved cell preparations, not limited to hepatocytes
  • Subcellular fractions from a variety of organs, tissues, and cell lines (as available)
  • Homogenate, S9, cytosol, microsomes, mitochondria
  • Primary cell cultures from many different tissues and/or species
  • RNA preps, DNA extraction, custom plating, liver non-parenchymal cells, renal cells
  • Purpose-pooled lots of human LiverPool™* hepatocytes or InVitroCYP™ C-class™ microsomes with specific donor requirements
  • Custom sizes or formulation of InVitroGRO™ hepatocyte medium
  • Custom product characterization
  • Custom preparations of whole tissue or bone extraction (animal only)

Your Custom-Cell Order

BioreclamationIVT produces custom primary cells and sub-cellular fractions from client-supplied tissues or from tissues we acquire. These Custom-Cell products are prepared by BioreclamationIVT to your specifications in our Baltimore, MD production facility. All orders are reviewed by our independent quality department to ensure they meet your specifications as well as our standards for on-time, high-quality products.

For more information, request a quote or call BioreclamationIVT at +1 410 455 1242.

Our expertise in manufacturing cell-based products enables us to prepare custom orders from virtually any tissue, organ or species. We have successfully produced sub-cellular fractions from a variety of tissue, including:


In addition to the hepatocytes and sub-cellular fractions produced from donor species in our regular catalog, BioreclamationIVT regularly processes requests for different species and/or products from different organs, including whole tissue or bone extraction. Examples of species we have worked with include:

Rodents & Pigs

BALB/c mouseB6C3F1 mouseC57BL/6 mouse
DBA/1J mouseNMRI mouseNude (Neu) hairless mouse
Swiss albino mouse129Sv mouseFischer 344 rat
Han Wistar ratLewis ratLong Evans rat
Zucker fatty ratDomestic pigDunkin-Hartley guinea pig
Gottingen minipigYucatan minipigMongolian gerbil
Golden Syrian hamster  


African green monkeyCynomolgus monkeyMarmoset monkey
Rhesus monkeySquirrel monkeyChimpanzee monkey


BeagledogFerretDutch belted rabbit
GoatBovineHimalayan rabbit
Domestic catSheepChicken